Committee Meeting Friday, January 12

We will be having our first Committee Meeting on Friday, January 12.  Please be there at 7:00 PM. All parents, adult leaders and committee members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you are currently a chairperson but are unable to attend, please reach out to our Chairman, Pat at or Paola at before Friday.

Please return your completed medical forms and permission slips, if you haven’t done so yet.  Yearly registration fees are due.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Old Business
  1. Troop Debit Card Signatory
  • New Business
  1. Committee Reports
  2. Recap Xmas Party/Gifts
  3. Recap Xmas Wreath Sale
  4. WordPress Users
  5. Northern Tier Update
  6. Quorum
  7. Wintoree
  8. Boards of Review

Ohio Hall of Fame Trip

October 6 – 9 Leaving Trinity at 5p on Friday Return approx 3p

Cost: $175/person

Price include: Hotel, Entrance to museums, All Meals, & more.

Sign up deadline: Sep 22 Payment deadline: Sep 29

If you sign up and have to cancel there will be a $50 cancellation fee, as we have to book some segments in advance.

Hotel – La Quinta – Canton, OH. Has a pool!!

Hotel clarification: $175 price is based on 4 people in a room. If adults want to share a room at a lower occupancy here are the additional charges: 3 adults to a room – Additional $28.50 per person ($203.50) 2 adults to a room – Additional $86 per person ($261) Single Room – Additional $258.50 ($433.50) Hotel rooms have a king sized bed and pull out couch. These are suite units so are a bit larger (all rooms at this chain are suites). We are recommended people bring sleeping bags.


Important Information Relative to Seabase – Please All Read

Please re-read this post from the other day.  Additionally I’ve reposted the baggage policy and newly posted the policy regarding batteries on the plane.  Please be on time, no later than 7:00AM.  Keep in mind that there is extensive construction taking place inside LaGuardia Airport and arriving at the airport before 7:00 AM may not guarantee that you will get to the Frontier Terminal before 7:00 AM.        

  1. Everyone attending is REQUIRED to arrive at Frontier LaGuardia Terminal NO LATER than 7A. For those who may have a tendency to be late, please mentally prepare to arrive at 630A. We will NOT wait anyone who shows up late, SO PLEASE BE ON TIME! In the case 
  2. Flight Info
    F91595 LGA (930A) to MIA (109P)
    F91596 MIA (245P) to LGA (542P)
  3. Everyone traveling is entitled to 1 checked bag (already paid for), if the bag is overweight or you bring more than 1, YOU will be required to pay the applicable fee.
  4. All adults & scouts are required to travel in CLASS A uniform
  5. Don’t forget to bring:
    Florida Sea Base Class B polo
    Florida Sea Base Class B T-Shirt
    Florida Sea Base Water Bottle
  6. If you have not given in a medical yet please contact Anthony
  7. Take the Bonine pill given out at the planning meeting on Friday, lunch to dinner time is ideal 
  8. It is suggested to pack your troop 106 raincoat or something similar if you have it
  9. Don’t forget your cell phone charger & hawaiian shirt


Christmas Pie/Cake Fundraiser


Yesterday the Christmas Pie/Cake Fundraiser flyer went home with your sons.  If you are interested in participating, please return them on Friday, December 16.  We will have the pies and cakes available for you to pick up on Friday, December 23, which will also be our Christmas party.  Remember that all proceeds from this fundraiser go directly into your son’s scout account, which can be used to pay for camping trips, dues or even summer camp; so it’s to your advantage to participate in a fundraiser which will provide you with a quality pie or cake that you would most likely be purchasing in store to bring with you for the holidays.      

The Adventure Park

Venturing Crew 312 has invited Troop 106 to join them at The Adventure Park at Long Island for some Zip Line/Hi COPE course fun!

Date: Saturday July 30th rain or shine
Time: About 5PM

Location: The Adventure Park at Long Island
75 Colonial Springs Rd

Wheatley Heights, NY

Cost: $41 (non-refundable once the reservations are made).

Get the money to John Mohr no later than June 15th.

Art Night Update

  1. Scouts are now to dress in Class B
  2. Remember to bring $5 & photo you wish to use to create
  3. Siblings and Parents are welcome, as supplies are available.
  4. SIGNUP for wreath selling shifts open tonight, there are 10 selling shifts and each shift has 4 youth and 1 adult. We must be strict with limits as we have to make sure we man every selling shift.Any questions direct to Mike