Introducing The New Scoutmaster of Troop 106

As Committee Chairman of Troop 106, I would like to take the time to congratulate our new Scoutmaster, Anthony Zalak. Anthony will be the 3rd Scoutmaster in Troop 106 history.

Anthony has been a member of Troop 106 since 1990 when he came up from Pack 106. He earned Eagle Scout in 1997.

Anthony has promised that as Scoutmaster he will move the Troop forward by making it a “true Scout run unit, a unit in which the Scouts make the decisions about the program and what they want to do.” Anthony has vowed to “focus on training our youth leadership in their positions and engage the adult leadership by empowering them.”

Please reach out to Anthony to congratulate him volunteering for the hardest job in Scouting and pledge with me to help him every step of the way.

Committee Meeting Friday, November 3


We are having a Committee Meeting on Friday, November 3.  Please be there at 7:00 PM.  We have a lot to cover.  The meeting will start on time.  All parents, adult leaders and committee members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  If you owe the Troop medicals, please be sure to get it to Bianca as soon as possible.  Your son might not able to go camping without a medical.  If you went to summer camp, this year, we already have your medical.

If you are currently a chairperson but are unable to attend, please reach out to our Chairman, Pat at or Paola at before Friday.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Special Agenda Business
  1. Select New Scoutmaster
  2. Select Adult to go to Northern Tier
  • Old Business
  1. Wreaths
  2. Pies
  3. Xmas Gift
  4. Cellphone Policy
  5. Voting in Committee Policy
  • New Business
  1. Committee Reports
  2. Be A Scout Website
  3. New Facebook Webpage
  4. Issues With WordPress
  5. Board of Reviews