Summer Camp – What to Bring to Camp

Below is a link to TMR’s list of what to bring and what not to bring.  Please do not bring the items on the “do not bring to camp” list.

  • All medications must be in one ziplock bag with your son’s name on it.  Please include “Troop 106 – Site 3A-B” on the bag
  • Bring full messkits, including fork, spoon, knife or included spork.
  • 1 or 2 Water Bottles
  • Cellphones…If you are seen using your phone in a matter other than taking pictures or working on meritbadges, it will be taken away from you.  Charging stations may not be available  
  • Handbooks, including Class “B” uniform
  • Full uniform
  • Rain gear
  • Towels and bathing suits should be packed on top so they can be easily reached for Dock Test
  • Flashlight plus extra batteries
  • Bug Spray
  • $25.00-$50.00 per week in spending money.  If you will be staying two weeks; we will be going to the fair on the Saturday (August 12) in between. You will need to purchase kits if you are taking: Pottery, Leatherwork, Basketry, Rifle and Shotgun Practice sessions, Space Exploration, Wood Carving, Woodworking and Metalwork
  • Bring any prerequisite paperwork you need for any meritbadges you are taking
  • Paper and pen for working on meritbadges 
  • Medicals, if you still haven’t handed one in yet.


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