Summer Camp Info

We are 1 month away from summer camp and now is the perfect time to make sure you have everything you will need.  Here is a link to the parents guide, which should answer all your questions:

 tmr guide parents version ’17.

Scouts need to arrive on Sunday before Noon.  When you enter the camp from Crystal Lake Road, follow camp road to stop sign.  You will be directed to where you should park.  If for some reason you must drive to the campsite, even though this is discouraged, as you drive up Gordon Bennett Way, please park at Camp Site 3A, which is right on Gordon Bennett Way.  Do not drive to Camp Site 3B as that road is narrow and other Camp Sites are along that road,  your vehicle will be blocking the road.  If you need to contact us, for any reason, please call the camp.  Cellphone service is spotty at best and we will most likely not receive your call for days.  Call: 845-252-2023.  This is the camp office number which is monitored 24/7.  They can give you directions and/or contact us and we can reach you with a hard line from the office.

A checklist on what you should bring and what you should not bring is in the parent’s guide.  Please bring your mess kits and a canteen or water bottle.  

Any questions please feel free to ask!   

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