Ryan Heenan’ s Eagle Project

Ryan’s Eagle project will take place on three separate dates.The first stage of the Eagle Project will be this Sunday, May 1st. We will be meeting outside of Trinity at 9am. We will be going door-to-door giving out flyers. Please come in Full Class A if you can attend. If you will be attending tomorrow please fill out a permission slip.

Permission Slip


The other dates are:

Saturday May 7th, 2pm-8pm
Sunday May 22nd, 9am-3pm

Each scout is responsible to attend at least one of the dates.


This year the camp-o-ree will be a day trip, not a whole weekend event.

It will be Saturday May 21 at Camp Alpine.

The cost is $15/person (adults included) & payment is due by next weeks meeting (May 6)

Mike will not be in attendance on this trip as his son is being baptized. Anthony will be the point person.

The pack will be joining us as well. Any questions direct to Anthony or Mike

Washington, D.C. Trip info and suggested packing list

We are meeting at Trinity at 4:45 PM.  Leaving at 5:00 SHARP!

Don’t bring a backpack!  We won’t be hiking with our stuff!  A small duffel bag will do.

Things to Pack:
Full Class ‘A’ Uniform with neckerchief or bolo
Troop Class ‘B’ (Polo) Shirt
Sleeping clothes
Underwear & Socks
Comfortable shoes – we will be walking A LOT
Water bottle.
Sleeping bag (a must for the Scouts)
Windbreaker (for the evenings)
Spending money (optional)
Camera (optional)

Mike has allowed cellphones for this trip (see the other post on the Website about recommended apps to download)

Please check the weather & pack accordingly! https://weather.com/weather/5day/l/USDC0001:1:US

Full Class ‘A’ uniform will be worn on Saturdayon Sunday we will be wearing the Class ‘B’ shirt with the Scout pants.

We won’t be traveling there on Friday or home on Monday in uniform.  Dress comfortably.

Drivers, please note: Washington, D.C. has many speed cameras in use.  If you go 11 miles an hour over the limit you WILL be receiving a ticket in the mail.  The Troop will not be responsible for any tickets received.

Cell Phones Allowed on DC Trip, Please Read Important Info Included

Cell phones are not only allowed for this trip they are recommended. We want the scouts & adults to use the resources that are out there to best grasp all DC has to offer. We are asking that everyone downloads the following apps:

ANC Explorer (Arlington app)

Smithsonian Mobile

NPS National Mall

Friday night when we get to the hotel, we will have a meeting where we will discuss what we will do on Saturday (Museums vs. monuments, or a combination of both), so please download these apps now and review. Also make sure your scouts download as well if they don’t check the website.

We want to make it very clear, allowing phones is so scouts can take pictures and use the suggested apps. It is NOT to play games, go on Snapchat, instagram, etc. We expect parents to remind scouts of this before they go.

Not going to DC? Please help out Phillip

Due to an overwhelming response to the Toy Drive, I need to add a day to my Eagle Scout Project. A ton of viable, plastic toy donations came in at the last minute (and keep coming!). I’d greatly appreciate if anyone who is not going on the Washington trip can come to trinity on Friday night at 7 pm. I think we will be there until 10 pm. Parents, Committee members, friends and family are also welcome, there is that much stuff. Please come and help as it will benefit a lot of children in need.
Thanks in advance for your support,

Florida Sea Base Update #1

Please use this post as reference, as it will contain a ton of information, and be updated (en lieu of putting up more posts). So bookmark the link as you will need to come back to it.

Florida Sea Base Trip 2017

Date: Sat Feb 18, 2017 – Fri Feb 24, 2017
Location: Brinton Environmental Center (23800 Overseas Highway, Summerland Key, FL)
Adventure: Keys Adventure

Participant Guide: (the pdf below has been edited, removing information that is not need, so ignore page number discrepancies) this contains a lot of information
Seabase Participant Guide

Cost: Approx $1500 (based on air fare of $300)

Payment Schedule (please make sure you pay before the deadline):
June 1 $350
Aug 15 $350
Nov 1 $350
Dec 1 $350

Scholarship Opportunity
Seabase offers scholarships of up to $300, we strongly suggest that everyone applies: Click Here for Scholarship Info

Tentative Crew Breakdown (any changes need to be approved by the Scoutmaster, “I want to be with my friend” is not an acceptable reason for crew change):
Crew 1                Crew 2                Crew 3
Cris                     Brendan              Steven
Declan                Sal                       Kevin
Gabe                  Matt B                 Phillip
Sashi                  Thomas               Austin
Aiden                  Niall                     Harry
Brandon             James                  Matt M
Mike                   Anthony               Jim
Pat                     James                 John

Official Crew #’s
Crew #1:  KAS021817A
Crew #2:  KAS021817B
Crew #3:  KAS021817C

Scouts MUST have completed Swimming Merit Badge in order to attend trip.

More Info to come soon – Remember to bookmark this post.

Any questions direct to Anthony or Mike.

Florida Sea Base Update

17 boys signed up between Friday & yesterday. We currently only have 1 slot left for youth.

We are taking a deposit for said slot (youth only, not open to adults yet), on a first come first serve basis. So please know that it is likely that registration for this trip will be closed shortly.

After which point we will have a wait-list, in case anyone going has an issue and can’t attend.

Any questions direct to Mike.


Need Help ASAP


Through a work contact I have found out that there are 8-10 large trays of food that need to be donated somewhere, as the restaurant they are coming from has to close for a week due to a gas leak. Rein will be able to put the food to good use for the people at the soup kitchen he runs. But he will not be able to pick the food up, & the restaurant needs it picked up by mid-day the latest tomorrow.

I am told it should fit in the back of any car. It is 8-10 trays, and will need to be picked up on the Upper West Side and dropped off at the church (trinity).

Who can help us find this food a home in the bellies of the needy?

Email Mike if you can do this.