TMR Camping Trip Info

Based off of the requests of the scouts, this upcoming trip will be the first we have done like this.

Youth will be broken up into patrols in advance of trip. Each patrol will make their own menu, buy their own food, and cook on their own. We will have a contest as to who can make the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2 Meals/day will be cooked over an open fire so plan accordingly.The other will be on a stove, Stove & Pans will be provided, everything else is the patrol’s responsibility

We will be staying in lean-to’s

There will be various skill based contests with great prizes. Ie. who can build a with fire using the bow and drill method, put up a tarp in the quickest amount of time, finding where you in the woods just using a map and compass, best shelter, and much more.

Cost of the trip will vary based on each patrol’s menu. We will charge $5/person to cover any incidental costs we have (please bring $5 on Friday).

As with all other trips, no electronics (except for a camera or am/fm radio) will be allowed.

Sign-up via email (respond to this post) or at Friday’s meeting. Due to the fact that a lot of planning is necessary for this trip. We are closing out sign-up on Friday at 730p.

We will be leaving on Thursday at 6p & expect to return around 12-1 on Sunday.

We will be staying by the Lodge House in Keowa.

Important Troop Update

Going forward, anyone who wants to run for the position of SPL must have completed the NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training).

In order to go, you must also receive a letter of recommendation from your scoutmaster, be at least a first class scout and 13 years or older.

I bring this up because 2 NYLT courses are coming this summer and the positions fill up quickly.

Here is the info:

SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 5, 2015, 10:00 AM  –  SATURDAY NOON,  JULY 11, 2015

Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 1:00pm to Friday, August 22, 2014 at 7:00pm

This is the premier leadership course for youth & will pay dividends for years to come.

Brendan Sammon’s Project Update

Dear Fellow Scouts,

My Eagle Scout project scheduled for this weekend has been rescheduled for

Saturday, March 28 from 8 am until Noon and Sunday, March 28, Noon until 4 pm.

We will meet at Trinity Luthern at 7:30 am and head to Jamaica Bay Refuge until

noon.  For Sunday we will meet at 11:30 at Trinity. We plan on carpooling to

Lynbrook to help Chris with his project.  Sorry for the late notice.  Hope that it

doesn’t inconvenience anyone.

Thank you.

Brendan Sammon