Seabase – Frontier Airlines Luggage Policy

I’ve been curious as to the luggage situation with our trip to Seabase, so I did a little research and this is what I found:

As per our confirmation, we are entitled to one checked bag, whose overall dimensions must be 62 linear inches.  What this means is Frontier can’t tell you what luggage to buy so they say that whichever you use must have an overall linear dimension of 62″; length+width+Depth.  Apparently most standard size luggage is 62 linear inches.  So if your luggage is 25″+25″+25″=75 linear inches; your bag is too big and they will charge you more for it.  Additionally your luggage can’t exceed 50 lbs.

The carryon bag is not free! You pay: $40.00 per bag if you call via telephone within 24 hours of the trip and add it, $40.00 via online when you check in, $45.00 at the airport kiosk and $60.00 at the gate.  Your carryon bag must be 24″Hx16″Wx10″D and not weigh more than 35 lbs.

Each of us is entitled to have one personal item to take on board.  This item must fit under the seat.  The dimensions for this item must be 8″Dx18″Wx14″L.

This information applies both ways.

Any questions please refer to the attachment.  FrontierLuggage

Seabase Travel Info-Identification

Some people have asked me what identification the Scouts will need to go to fly when we go to Seabase. The obvious answer is a passport will work, if they have one, since they really don’t have much ID other than school ID.  Below is the answer from TSA. The short of it is, under 18, no ID is required.  They do recommend we contact our airline for further information.  I contacted Frontier and I’m waiting for an answer.  I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Just heard from Frontier and they follow the TSA policy on ID; under 18 no ID is required.

2nd Annual Friday the 13th Camping

The scouts loved so much the Friday the 13th screening we had last year when we were camping, that we brought it back again for this year. 

Friday night at Blue Mountain we will show Friday the 13th Part 2. Thank you to the Sammon’s for letting us use their screen & projector.

The movie is rated R, so if there are any parents who don’t want their son to see the movie, please let us know, and we will have actives for them in another room in the lodge house.

We will watch a movie every night, the other ones will be rated below R.

Info Regarding Last Night’s Advancement Discussion

Hi everyone,


Here is the link to the new requirements printout I spoke about at last night’s meeting:


If you don’t already have it, print it out and put it in your Scout Handbook.  These are the requirements we have to follow now for ALL rank advancement (BSA changed them effective Jan 1st).  All future requirement sign-off will be done in these pamphlets.

If you already purchased they new updated version of the Scout Handbook with these requirements, you do not need to print it out.




Please read all 3 things:

1) The committee meeting for Friday has been cancelled. Next meeting will be in February

2) Blue Mountain is on.
The camping trip will be next weekend and will run through Monday as the kids have off from school.
The cost of the trip is $40.
Signup & payment will begin at 645p on Friday.
Depending on response, we may have to limit adults allowed as the place has a maximum capacity.
The cabin has 30 cots which scouts will get first dibs on, At the end of the night, if there are cots lets they will go to the adults, based on when they signed up and paid
More details about the trip will be sent out later in the week.

3) There is a Florida Sea Base meeting after the troop meeting on Friday, starting promptly at 9p. All scouts going on the trip and at least one of their parents are REQUIRED to attend.

Any questions about any of these topics direct to Mike.

Scout’s Grandfather Passed Away

Matthew Deutscher’s Grandfather, Gregory Ceci, passed away on Sunday December 18th.
The Wake for Greg Ceci will take place Wednesday December 21st from 2pm – 5pm & 7pm -9pm at George Werst Funeral home, 71-41 Cooper Ave Glendale NY 11385.
The funeral service will be on Thursday December 22nd at 10am also at the funeral home. 
The burial will take place immediately following the service (11am) at the Maple Grove Cemetery 15 Kew Gardens Road Kew Gardens NY 11415.