Reminders for Tonight

1) It is our annual Holiday Party. Everyone is invited. We ask that you bring a dish/tray from your culture as we will be enjoying a varied dinner together

2)  We have 10 wreaths left to sell, and we need your help. Can you all please reach out to your friends and family and help us sell these last 10. They are great to take the cemetery (selling pitch ;) ). They will be at the meeting tonight. PLEASE help us sell out tonight. If you haven’t purchased the required 3, please do so tonight (otherwise you will be billed).

3) No Uniforms.

4) If scouts want to participate in the Secret Santa please bring a wrapped gift of no more than $15 in value

5) SIGN UP & PAY for Blue Mountain, Due to not so great pre-registration, we are opening the registration to everyone, starting at 7P.  45 max, and we only have beds for 30, so the next 15 will have to sleep on the floor in the cabin.

6) There will be a TLC meeting tonight after the party.

Any questions direct to Mike.

Holiday Party Update

This coming Friday is our holiday party.

We ask that EVERYONE brings a plate/tray of something from their culture for a pot luck. It can be hot or cold. The troop will provide drinks.

If your son wants to participate in Secret Santa have him bring a wrapped gift of a maximum $15 value.

NO uniforms are required.

There will be a TLC meeting after the party for all youth leaders that are expected to attend.

Any questions direct to Mike

Camping Trip Update – Philly & Blue Mountain

1) NO uniforms for Philly, bring a class B if you would like.

2) Blue Mountain has been reserved from Friday Jan 16 – Monday Jan 19. We have to institute a limit as to how many people can go due to the size of space. We are putting the maximum number of attendees at 45.

The trip will be $40, and this is how sign up with go:
Sign up is now open – but its a tiered system and the backup list is on a first come first serve basis

All scouts who did a wreath selling shift are guaranteed a spot, but that spot is only guaranteed if they pay on Friday Dec 19. Also the assistant scoutmasters, scoutmaster & select active adults will be guaranteed a spot as well. If a scout or approved leader does NOT pay on Dec 19 then they run the risk of not being able to go on the trip.

Those who failed to do a selling shift, and didn’t let me know why they couldn’t before hand will go on the wait list with additional adults. Any additional adults that want to go (ie. fathers, past scouts, etc.) will go on the waiting list, which will open at 8p on Dec 19. At that point we will go through the list in order and give the opportunity to those people to pay and therefore reserve their spot.

Once we hit 45 people the trip is closed. Period.

Any questions direct to Mike.

While they last, Wreath Sale

Due to bad weather on Saturday we have about 50 wreaths left. So effective immediately we will do the following:

1) Wreaths will now be priced at 2 for $25. If someone wanted just 1 it would be $15.

2) Scouts receive $1/wreath for every wreath they sell (must sell at least 5, no longer 10), until we sell out. This gives you guys the opportunity to raise some extra money easily.

The wreaths are at John Mohr’s. Email me for his address.

Feel free to SHARE this new sale. We need to get these last ones sold.

Thanks for your help.

45 to 50 wreaths left

We have about it 45 to 50 wreaths left and need your help.

We are going to run a special promo for the scouts. Each scout will receive $1/wreath in their account (must sell a minimum of 10 wreaths), for every wreath the sell between now and when we are sold out. Previous sales do not count.

Wreaths are currently at John’s house, get in contact with him or I for more info.

193 Wreaths to go! We need your Help

Today is a beautiful day, we NEED to get word out about where we are selling.

PLEASE COPY & PASTE the following into your various social media accounts, with the picture attached below:

PLEASE SHARE – Last day!

Come out and support my troop @ our annual wreath sale, only $15/each:
Sunday, 12/7
Met Food
10 AM – 4 PM

Artis Drugs
10 AM – 4 PM

Resurrection Ascension Church
10 AM – 1 PM

Trinity Lutheran Church (Middle Village)
9 AM – 12 PM


Wreath Sale Social Media Help Needed

We really need ALL of your help on this.

Please Post the following message on your social media accounts, with the attached pic:

Come Support my Troop in our Annual Wreath Drive. Only $15 each.

We will be selling at:
Saturday, 12/6
Met Food
79-15 Eliot Ave. Middle Village
10 AM – 1 PM

Artis Drugs
80-02 Eliot Ave Middle Village
10 AM – 1 PM

Resurrection Ascension Church
85-25 61st Road Rego Park
5:30 PM – 7PM

Sunday, 12/17
Met Food
10 AM – 4 PM

Artis Drugs
10 AM – 4 PM

Resurrection Ascension Church
10 AM – 1 PM

Trinity Lutheran Church (Middle Village)
9 AM – 12 PM


Wreath Info Important

A few things to cover:

1) I unfortunately will be around but not available this weekend (work is crazy). John Mohr will be the point person. If at any point any of our selling stations are running low or there is a general question you can reach out to him. His cell is 917.842.6353.

2) We have a lot of wreaths left to sell. I ask that all parents take a moment to post the following picture on social media with our selling times, to help drive saleswreath

3) Selling schedule has changed. Unfortunately, due to lack of scouting signing up, we have to cancel the 1-4 shift at Met Food & Artis Drugs tomorrow (Sat). The selling shifts will be as follows:
Met Food & Artis Sat – 10a – 1p
RA Sat 530p – 7p
Met Food & Artis Sun – 10a – 1p & 1p – 4p
Trinity Sun 9a – 12 noon
RA Sun 10A – 1p

Any questions you may have you can send me, but would be best to reach out to John as he will be more promptly available the next 2 days.

We will set a record again this year with 36 dozen wreaths sold, Lets Rock n Roll this weekend.