Reminders for Tonight

1) Tonight is the Halloween Party. No uniforms. Costume contest and more. Parents are welcome to come, do not need to bring anything.

2) There will be a TLC meeting after the Halloween Party for youth leaders.

3) November Advancement Based Camping Trip @ Camp Durland in Putnam Valley (Nov 14-16) is fastly approaching. The signup will open at tonights meeting. Cost is only $10. We will be staying in a cabin. This will be a great time for the scouts to work on important advancement requirements.

4 days to go! Wow

So many of you have constantly asked about my marathon training experience, and how things are going. Lots of you have become supporters of mine, which has helped to do great things at Greater New York Council. I wanted to share something I wrote with all of you:

That crisp air at 730 in the morning on a November Sunday is something you always remember. Getting to Vernon Ave again with your troop. Starting to build the water pyramids that would get devoured in a few hours. Having a donut or a cup of hot chocolate over conversations about camping. And then the marathon individuals on bikes (disabled) come through. And then the craziness for 4-5 hours begins. More people pass you during that time, than you see in a week of your regular life. And the emotion is high, its a really cool environment.

That has been my life since I was 13 years old. I have volunteered at over 15 NYC marathons (missed a few along the way), and every time I was there the voice always went off in my head, “You need to do this one day”. In January I had a cancer scare (all is now fine), on top of dealing with the middle stages of a divorce (all is fine with this as well). The opportunity to finally run in the marathon was presented to me, and I jumped at it.

Training has been a joy and a nightmare. But the solidity of running has allowed me to better connect with myself. And for that I am very grateful. I have experienced 3 injuries during this journey and promised to myself, that as I was raising money for Boy Scouts, I would finish the marathon one way or another.

My body is not prepared to run on Sunday. But it can, and will hike 26.2 miles, and in full Boy Scout uniform. I am PROUD to be a Boy Scout, as it is an organization that has allowed me to do some amazing things in my life.

Help me get to $3,000. I only have $750 left (with 4 days to go):


Flea Market Update

I would really like to thank the following parents who ran the flea market for us. Maureen, Nicole, Bernadette, Terri, Jerry & Keith. Without your guys support we wouldn’t have been able to do it. Also, thank you to everyone who donated stuff to sell.

We ended up raising just over $350. Here is the breakdown as to how much the scouts will be getting in their account:

Sal $42
Brendon S. $9
Kevin P. $36
Daniel L. $22
Steven A. $36
Matt M. $49
Ryan H. $9
Brandon B. $9
David T. $9
Aiden $22
Steven L. $26
Eli $13
Jose $40
Michael S. $27

Great Job to everyone involved. So happy that things ran pretty smooth without any of the typical leadership there. This is why our troop is so Great. Thanks again.

Oscar de la Renta, designer of Scout uniforms worn by millions, dies at 82

Oscar de la Renta, the renowned fashion designer who reimagined the official Scout uniform into a look that became synonymous with Scouting, has died. He was 82.

De la Renta’s design for the Scout uniform debuted in 1980 and was the official uniform for nearly three decades. That means his design was worn by millions of boys, girls and adults through the years.

De la Renta worked with BSA leaders for two years on the design. And the result was much more than just a new look. It represented an important shift for the organization from the military-centric uniform of the past to the tan-on-olive look still in use today.

Of course, de la Renta wasn’t best known for his work with the Boy Scouts of America. He designed clothes for luminaries like Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift and Amy Adams. Most recently, he made headlines for designing the gown worn by Amal Alamuddin for her wedding to George Clooney.

But in Scouting circles, de la Renta will be remembered for his groundbreaking redesign of the Scout uniform. It was the organization’s most complete overhaul in nearly 60 years.

“We felt the uniform should meet several criteria,” de la Renta told Scouting magazine in our September 1980 issue. (Read the full story below.) “It should be suitable for strenuous activity; it should be made from an easy care fabric; and at the same time the wearer should still look like a Scout.”

De la Renta’s first big change was to the color scheme of the Boy Scout uniform. He chose khaki tan shirts instead of khaki green ones. The shirts were given collars that could be worn normally or turned under for use with de la Renta-designed neckerchiefs.

Instead of khaki green pants, de la Renta introduced “olive drab green trousers.” Baseball-style caps replaced the old visored ones.

Epaulet shoulder tabs were added, revealing the wearer’s program at a glance: red for Boy Scouting, blue for Cub Scouting and green for Exploring.

Even the socks were reimagined. No more garters and tabs; the red-and-green socks had elastic cuffs designed to keep them up.

Cub Scouts got uniforms that looked a lot like the new Boy Scout ones, but in navy blue. And female Scouters were given a range of blouses, skirts, shorts and scarves in the appropriate program colors.

The fabric of it all — polyester and cotton — was made to be durable, stain-resistant and easier to care for. All while looking sharp.

But in fashion, no design lasts forever.

The Centennial uniform builds on de la Renta’s design

In 2008, 28 years after de la Renta’s design was introduced, the BSA released its Centennial Boy Scout uniform. That’s the uniform design still in use today.

(Important note: A uniform never becomes “unauthorized” for wear. Any uniform that was ever official is still official today, including those from the “de la Renta years.”)

The Centennial uniform used quick-drying fabric made to be worn in the elements. Though de la Renta said one of his goals was to create a uniform “suitable for strenuous activity,” many Scouts felt his design was better suited for just standing around.

The redesign also overhauled the color scheme de la Renta had created. Instead of lots of reds and bright colors, the new Boy Scout uniform had a more subdued color palette. Epaulets, troop numbers, socks and the official Scout hat were stripped of red in favor of forest green.

Even the webbed Scout belt got a change: The shiny brass gave way to metallic gray.

Still, traces of de la Renta’s work remain in today’s Centennial uniform. He’ll forever be remembered for creating the foundation on which today’s uniforms are built.

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Click images to enlarge.





Veteran’s Day Parade

We have been accepted to march with GNYC in the Veteran’s Day Parade down 5th Ave.

We have 25 total slots, so if your son/you want to march please let Mike know as soon as possible. Once the slots are filled we will create a waiting list.

Date: November 11th

Time: Meet at 10a (sharp) by Queens Center Mall to take the subway into the city. We should be back around 430p.

Location : 5th ave from 52 to 26 Street.

Dress warm UNDER your scout uniform. We want people to see our uniforms, so please dress in layers in lieu of jackets.

Any questions reach out to Mike.

Adult Assistance Needed for Flea Market on Saturday 10/25

Mike needs at least 2 adults to help out and oversee the scouts and the scout table at the Trinity flea market on Saturday.

Responsibilities entail selling merchandise at the scout table, coordinating the scouts selling raffle tickets, raffling off prizes at the end of day and helping break down the tables and cleaning up after the flea market is over.

The hours of coverage are 8:30-4:30 (even if you can do 1/2 a day…that’s great! Please volunteer!)

Please contact Mike at 917-749-7798 if you can help.

Mike Needs Your Help!

I am writing this to you asking for your support. As most of you may know, I am running in the NYC Marathon in 2 weeks, which has always been a bucket list item of mine. At the beginning of the year health issues, which were really scary & eye opening at the same time (all is now fine). So I decided that this was going to “be the year I actually do it”.

I got blessed with an opportunity to join the Greater New York Council Marathon Team. As you may likely know, scouting has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. The program had a huge impact on me, and 3 years ago I became the Scoutmaster of Troop 106. With my amazing team of leaders, we have grown the troop to one of the largest in Queens.

Scouting in NYC touches over 40,000 people, and provides opportunities to many that they couldn’t experience here in the city. I have committed to raising $3,000 to help support scouting in NYC, I have raised $750 so far. The money will go to preserve camps, help under-privileged scouts to fully participate in the program, & much more.

Will you stand with me in helping to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams while helping a program that is dear to the hearts of tens of thousand of New Yorkers?

No donation is too small and every little bit helps. If you would like to donate please use the link below:

Thanks in advance for your time & support.

Pics from Last Night – Live Art Event w/ Nicholai Khan

The resounding opinion I heard was that last night was a huge success. Parents, I will be reaching out to you all to discuss pooling our interpersonal relationships to continue to offer varied and new programming for our troop.

*** PLEASE, send any pics you took to Mike (you can just reply to the email)***, As we are going to put together something to give to Nicholai as a thank you.

Here are some pics I took & borrowed from Nicholai’s Instagram.

If you are interested in his art, I am more than happy to make an introduction.

1964832_10152731505213346_1641868615658239128_n 10155852_10152822040067094_2091389376300620311_n 10440966_10152821371997094_1011909895890476854_n 10553549_10152731551973346_4661531230239062177_n 10703701_10152731559978346_1477979916148707449_n10675528_10152731541223346_1683960068982509000_n

Reminder for Tonight’s Live Art Event

Each scout is expected to bring $5 to cover their supplies (canvas, paints, brushes, etc.).

Also wear a beat up t-shirt under your uniform shirt.

Lastly, ANYONE is welcome to come watch, ie. parents, siblings (but not very young ones), friends, etc. We may have some extra supplies for other to participate, but won’t know until we see the turnout we get. Those wishing to participate bring $5 as well.

Any questions reach out to Mike.