Help Needed

As some of you may know, when that building fell in the East Village a few months back after the huge explosion, one of the 2 people that died was an Eagle Scout.

A group of us Eagle Scouts have arranged to have a shadow box made of all his scouting achievements, to give to his mother.

This is where I need your help. I have secured the shadow box, flag (which will be used as a backdrop), and all his awards, patches and merit badges. I need someone who can sew the patches and such, onto the flag.

If you have a family member or friend who would be willing to help, I would really appreciate it. It is about 35 pieces in total that would need to be sewn onto the flag.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Important Dates & Changes

Sep 11 – September 11th Memorial @ Juniper Valley – ALL HANDS ON DECK – Scouts in full Class A – Meet at Trinity – Time TBA (schedule says 7, may change)

Sep 18 – First Meeting – SPL election – Patrol Formation – Schedule Planning – TLC following (Youth leadership meeting)

Sep 25 – Parents Meeting – ALL PARENTS REQUIRED TO ATTEND – 7p @ Trinity. Scouts will have their first full meeting as the parents meeting is going on.

Oct 9-12 – First Camping Trip – TMR – Including Rafting/Canoeing – $60 –
****Money due NO LATER than Sep 25.***
PLEASE remember that if you/your son are not paid 2 weeks out of the trip you will not be able to attend. Also, there will be no refunds going forward. The only exception to this would be to attend a funeral. This applies to everyone. The small group of volunteers that along with the youth make this troop possible, appreciate you understanding why we had to put this into place.

Summer Camp Reminder

NO ELECTRONICS are allowed at camp, that means no cell phone, iPads, gameboy’s, etc.

The only exceptions I will allow are: a camera (not the camera in an iPhone/cell phone) or an AM/FM radio.

If the scouts are seen with any electronics, they will be taken and not returned until the end of the second week of camp, to said scout’s parents.

New Policy

Due to the fact that we are still waiting on 3 scout’s schedule & 8 scout medicals we are instituting a new policy. This will be re-iterated in September, at the parents meeting.

Money & Paperwork for ANY Troop 106 event is due NO LATER than 2 weeks in advance. In the case that we do not have everything that is required, your son’s will not be allowed to attend.

It is unfair that a large amount of the parents operate on their own accord, not taking into account the work of others that go into providing our scouts with a quality program.

Any questions direct to Mike or Pat