Our New ASPL

I would like to introduce everyone to our new ASPL, Jack Sammon. He will be joining our troop and taking over the spot that was recently vacated.

Jack has a ton of leadership experience which includes:

He has taken AND instructed ILST, Venture leading, Den chief training. He is a leave no trace trainer, BALOO trainer, cub leader specific, Boy Scout leader trainer, ITOLS trainer. He was one of my Woodbadge trainers.

He is a Star Scout and looking forward to continuing his journey to Eagle.

Welcome Jack!

Last Call to Donate Coats

Before the meeting tonight, please take a minute to go through your closet to find any coats/jackets you haven’t worn in ages.

Tonight is the last night to donate. They will be picked up during the meeting and distributed to the people that need them at an event in Jamaica the day before Thanksgiving.

They are expecting this winter to be very cold, so please find it in your heart to help those that are less fortunate than yourselves.

If you want to volunteer at the event on Wednesday (12p-6p) please get in contact with Mike.

Website is back up & functional

I would like to personally thank Michael Sheridan Sr. who helped identify the issues that were seemingly creating problems for us.

After various testing it seems like the website is back to being 100% functional, including sending out emails when we put up new posts. Please continue to check the website regularly, as we are not sure if the issues we have will come back.


Durland Campout Checklist – Must READ!!!

• Bring your own brown bag dinner for Friday night or eat before we meet.

• Permission slips, medical forms and $10 fee are due, if not given already.

• It’s going to be COLD, so pack warm clothes and extra shoes.

• Check packing list (under the INFO tab) on Troop 106 website for additional items.

 • This is an advancement-oriented trip, you NEED your Scout Handbook, PLUS any and all items needed for advancement on your list.

 • Bring a tent if you are working on your Tenderfoot requirement…this pertains to all NEW scouts.

• We will be leaving from Trinity PROMPTLY at 6PM.

• We are staying in Jones Cabin, see maps below: a) directions  b) cabin locations.

Durland Scout Camp Cabin Map Durland Scout Camp – Directions Map

Permission Slip Reminder

Please fill out a permission slip and medical form (under forms tab on this website) if you have not given one or both of these in yet for the September 14-15 year. Please email them to Dawn at dawnbdesign@gmail.com or drop them in my mailbox: 6223 80th Street, thanks.

Needed for this Friday’s camping trip:

Steven L – Medical

John S – Permission Slip

Brendan B – Permission Slip

Davis S – Both

Decklyn – Both

Daniel O’H – Both

Ethan V – Both

Reminders for Tonight

1) Tonight is the Halloween Party. No uniforms. Costume contest and more. Parents are welcome to come, do not need to bring anything.

2) There will be a TLC meeting after the Halloween Party for youth leaders.

3) November Advancement Based Camping Trip @ Camp Durland in Putnam Valley (Nov 14-16) is fastly approaching. The signup will open at tonights meeting. Cost is only $10. We will be staying in a cabin. This will be a great time for the scouts to work on important advancement requirements.

4 days to go! Wow

So many of you have constantly asked about my marathon training experience, and how things are going. Lots of you have become supporters of mine, which has helped to do great things at Greater New York Council. I wanted to share something I wrote with all of you:

That crisp air at 730 in the morning on a November Sunday is something you always remember. Getting to Vernon Ave again with your troop. Starting to build the water pyramids that would get devoured in a few hours. Having a donut or a cup of hot chocolate over conversations about camping. And then the marathon individuals on bikes (disabled) come through. And then the craziness for 4-5 hours begins. More people pass you during that time, than you see in a week of your regular life. And the emotion is high, its a really cool environment.

That has been my life since I was 13 years old. I have volunteered at over 15 NYC marathons (missed a few along the way), and every time I was there the voice always went off in my head, “You need to do this one day”. In January I had a cancer scare (all is now fine), on top of dealing with the middle stages of a divorce (all is fine with this as well). The opportunity to finally run in the marathon was presented to me, and I jumped at it.

Training has been a joy and a nightmare. But the solidity of running has allowed me to better connect with myself. And for that I am very grateful. I have experienced 3 injuries during this journey and promised to myself, that as I was raising money for Boy Scouts, I would finish the marathon one way or another.

My body is not prepared to run on Sunday. But it can, and will hike 26.2 miles, and in full Boy Scout uniform. I am PROUD to be a Boy Scout, as it is an organization that has allowed me to do some amazing things in my life.

Help me get to $3,000. I only have $750 left (with 4 days to go):