Florida Sea Base Update #2

There is a lot of VERY important information, please read throughly.

We have booked our flight. We will be flying Frontier Airlines
Leaving 2/18 – LGA – 930A – MIA – 114P – Direct
Retiring 2/24 – MIA – 235P – LGA – 536P – Direct
The cost of the flight was $370.01/person, this includes the baggage fee for 1 checked bag each way. FYI, LGA = Laguardia, MIA = Miami

We will need an additional $70.01 built into the Aug 15 payment, as we budgeted for a $300 flight. In comparison to quotes from other airlines this was very cheap.

The Aug 15 payment will now be $420.01. PLEASE make sure you pay on time, as we have to then pay Florida Sea Base. As a reminder payments are made payable to “Troop 106” & delivered to Henry or Mike.

Final Crew Breakdowns
Crew 1           Crew 2           Crew 3
Brendan         Phillip             Steven
Declan           James            Kevin
Sal                 Matt B            Niall
Sashi             Thomas          Austin
Aiden             Jared              Harry
Brandon        Eric                 Matt M
Mike              Anthony          Jim
Pat                James            John

Old Information:
Florida Sea Base Trip 2017

Date: Sat Feb 18, 2017 – Fri Feb 24, 2017
Location: Brinton Environmental Center (23800 Overseas Highway, Summerland Key, FL)
Adventure: Keys Adventure

Participant Guide: (the pdf below has been edited, removing information that is not need, so ignore page number discrepancies) this contains a lot of information
Seabase Participant Guide

Scholarship Opportunity
Seabase offers scholarships of up to $300, we strongly suggest that everyone applies: Click Here for Scholarship Info

Official Crew #’s
Crew #1:  KAS021817A
Crew #2:  KAS021817B
Crew #3:  KAS021817C

Scouts MUST have completed Swimming Merit Badge in order to attend trip.

Any questions direct to Anthony or Mike.

Thank You

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your very generous support of my Eagle Scout service project.

In the world we live in, so many people go hungry everyday. But, together with your help I was able to donate over 1800 food items as well as about $350 to the Resurrection Ascension Food pantry. I am told this will help to put food on the tables of 50 local families in need. Overall, my project was a major success as I was able to almost double my initial goal.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort, and more importantly for helping the lives of those in need.

Ryan Heenan